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[[Dwayne continues to try and distract the Great Skaboola, but the Skaboola is clearly becoming more and more annoyed.]]
Dwayne: Actually, O Great Skaboola, I was wondering if there were any aspects of humanity I might be able to enlighten you on...
Skaboola: How do I rid myself of a meddling human?

Dwayne: [Playfully scolding] Now, your magnificence, that's not very polite. I'm your guest. You could use a tutorial in human hospitality.
Skaboola: Then allow me to escort you to the nearest airlock.

Dwayne: [Ignoring the veiled threat] Why, it's traditional in many Earth cultures to welcome guests with grand feasts, filled with the finest of foods...
Skaboola: Is this inane rambling leading somewhere...?

Dwayne: Choice meats, fresh vegetables, fine wine, an assortment of breads and cheeses...
Skaboola: [Suddenly taking an interest] W-wait... d-did you say... "cheese"...?

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