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Dwayne: [Mildly surprised] You... like cheese, I take it...?
Skaboola: [Sweating nervously] I... c-consider myself a connoisseur... well, an appreciative amateur, perhaps... maybe... what is your word... a "fanatic"?

Skaboola: Are you an expert in such matters?
Dwayne: Well, no... but my brother-in-law runs a catering business and he knows several cheesemongers. I've picked up a few things.

Skaboola: [Desperately pleading] Enlighten me! You must tell me everything you know!
[[At this point, a Grey scientist drone walks up behind them.]]
Drone: Great Skaboola, the hyperdrive oscillation dampers are ready for your inspection...

Skaboola: [Turning angrily toward the drone] Now now, #91093837015! Can you not see I have pressing matters to attend to!
Drone: But, sir... the inspection...
Skaboola: Can wait! Begone!
[[Behind the Skaboola, Dwayne flashes a satisfied, smug smile.]]

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