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[[Fooker still has his hand on Euler's shoulder as if performing the "Vulcan neck pinch".]]
Euler: If you are attempting to incapacitate me by applying pressure to specific nerves in my cranial stalk, you will not obtain satisfactory results.
Fooker: [Mildly surprised, or perhaps faking it] Really? It works for Mr. Spock...

Euler: If I am not mistaken, THAT is science fiction. Besides, Grey anatomy is different. We are more highly evolved and not susceptible to such trivial antics.
Fooker: [Annoyed] Oh, do enlighten me.

Euler: Your tactic will not work unless you apply acute pressure to the top cervical vertebrae at the base of the skull. That would result in near instantaneous unconsciousness.

Fooker: You mean like this?
[[Fooker quickly shifts his fingers to the point mentioned on the back of Euler's skull. Euler's eyes suddenly grow huge and an odd expression crosses his face.]]

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