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[[After Fooker applies pressure to a specific spot on the back of Euler's skull, the Grey drone collapses into unconsciousness. Fooker catches him before he falls to the floor.]]
Fooker: Sorry, l'il dude. No hard feelings, huh? And I sure hope that didn't cause any permanent damage.

[[Fooker maneuvers Euler to the chair in front of the workstation. Fooker sits down first, then sets the drone in his lap.]]
Fooker: Anyhoo, I hope you don't mind if we get comfy here. How's about you sit here in my lap and we play a little game. You'll play Pinocchio and I'll be Geppetto.

[[Fooker picks up Euler's hands into his own, then places them on the console in front of them.]]
Fooker: All's you gotta do is let me move your rubbery hands across the console, so it thinks it's you tapping on the little buttons and not me. Easy peasy.

[[We pull back and look over Fooker's shoulder at the large display in front of them, where columns of of alien characters stream past.]]
Fooker: Then we can figure out who's been messing with Nick's algorithm, before discussing what the heck I'm going to do with you before you wake back up...

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