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[[The scene shifts. Justin continues his search for Pi, Planck, and the Molds in the cargo bay. The massive room is mostly dark and filled with many identical cargo containers.]]
Justin: [Thinking to himself] I've been searching for over an hour and I STILL haven't found the container with those missing aliens. If I don't hurry up, I'm going to run out of time... or get caught.

[[He opens a container by pressing a button on its access panel. The door slides open to reveal a dark interior filled with alien equipment.]]
Justin: [Thinking] The Skaboola must not be too worried about anyone finding them. Still no guards or patrols. Makes my job easier, but someone's gotta have a talk with Bohr about his charges.

[[He looks around with an annoyed expression.]]
Justin: [Thinking] And none of these cargo pods are even locked. Not that I've seen anything worth stealing, though. They really must not consider us a threat, which is kind of an insult.

[[He opens yet another container. This time, he seems to have found his prize. Just inside the door, he finds the "frozen" bodies of Pi, Planck, and Fred, still trapped in the positions we last saw them in.]]
Justin: [Surprised, thinking] Of course... I could just hit the jackpot. Seventy-second time's the charm...?

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