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[[Justin peers inside the cargo container at Pi, Planck, Fred, Persephone, Socrates, and Fibonacci, all of whom are "frozen" in place in the same positions they were in previously. They have been haphazardly stuffed into the container into whatever free space that can be found. In Planck's case, he was diving for cover when he was shot with the inertial variance gun. Now he is propped up in the back corner, leaning against the wall, still in his lunging position.]]
Justin: [Thinking to himself] Yep, those are our dudes, slimes and Greys alike. [Looking at Fibonacci] Not sure who the little guy with the "F-n" on his shirt is, though. And sure enough, they're "inertia locked". Frozen solid.

[[He steps back and looks around.]]
Justin: [Thinking] But how do I get them out of here? It's not like I can just throw 'em over my shoulder and nonchalantly walk down the hall. That's a little TOO obvious.

[[He looks the opposite direction. Parked next to another row of containers is a long, flat object that looks like a cart with a push handle, but there are no wheels on it. There is, however, a container stacked on its bed.]]
Justin: [Thinking] There's one of those anti-grav cargo sleds I've seen the drones push around, complete with a smaller container. I wonder...
[[He pauses and thinks for a bit.]]
Justin: [Thinking] Time to put those old Tetris skills to work.

[[Justin opens the container on the sled and begins stacking the frozen aliens inside, maneuvering them as best he can to fit them all in so it will close. The task isn't easy.]]
Justin: [Whispering as he attempts to wedge Planck inside the box] I sure hope you little dudes aren't conscious. If you are, blame me for stuffing your face into somebody else's butt. It's either this, or a permanent residence in that other box.

References: "Fn" in this case refers to Fibonacci (and is derived from the Fibonacci numbers)
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