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[[The scene shifts somewhat, and we now see Justin pushing the cargo sled down a corridor of the ship, whistling in a conspicuously innocent way. He passes several clueless drones, who watch him pass with only mild curiosity, but otherwise do not stop him.]]

[[Finally, one of the drones approaches him.]]
Drone: If I may ask, where are you taking that cargo sled?
Justin: Just moving some of Nick's old tech out of storage. He needs it for one of his experiments.

Drone: [Mildly suspicious] I was not aware that he had anything left in storage.
Justin: Oh, it's just a few pieces he didn't think he'd need, and now it's kind of important. Don't ask ME what any of it does.

[[Justin begins to walk away.]]
Drone: Do you require assistance transporting it and setting it up?
Justin: No, I'm good. I'm just the muscle on this job. I'm sure you've got important sciencey stuff to do anyhow.
[[One of the other drones gives the speaking drone a suspicious look.]]

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