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[[The scene shifts back to the infirmary, where Doctor Melanie Granger argues with Avogadro about the status of Ki's pregnancy. The mom-to-be, Sharon, and Trudy listen nearby.]]
Granger: [Stubbornly] Ki's vitals are completely normal, even according to your own instruments. I've seen no evidence of "anomalies" with her pregnancy to raise undue concern.

Avogadro: [Persistently] It is an indisputable fact that, since coming aboard this ship, every human has been exposed to various levels of radiation atypical of a normal Earth environment.

Avogadro: The full extent of any deleterious effects are unknown, as Ki is the only pregnant female currently on board. There is insufficient non-historical data to form a viable hypothesis.

Avogadro: [More conversationally] However, if the rest of you would volunteer to be impregnated by a suitable male, we might have a sufficient sample size to--
The Women: [Shouting in unison] NO.

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