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[[Ki is clearly annoyed at how everyone is talking AROUND her but not talking TO her.]]
Ki: Look, I've stayed away from the MUTEX chamber, the engineering section, the xenobotany lab, and every other "dangerous" part of the ship. I've been extra careful.

Ki: [Looking back and Trudy and Sharon] I also have more "mother hens" and "big brothers" looking out for me than I can count. At this point, if I SNEEZE, everyone seems to go on high alert.
[[Trudy looks somewhat annoyed about being called out, while Sharon looks sheepish.]]

Ki: [To Avogadro] If I WERE exposed to something, what are the odds of repairing any damage?
Avogadro: Probably low. At this point in your gestation cycle, such damage would be irreversible.

Ki: Then there's no point worry about it. Either my kid will be healthy like Doctor Granger says, or a multi-limbed, multi-eyed mutant. Either way, he's MY kid, and I'll love him.

References: For the record, Nick and Ki still don't know the baby's sex, so it looks like Ki is making her preference known...
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