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[[The scene shifts again. Nick is working alone in his personal lab, typing furiously at a console. A voice calls to him from outside the room.]]
Justin: Hey, Nick... are you almost done with your algorithm check?
Nick: Just finishing up. Be right there...

[[Nick walks to the door to find Justin standing next to the cargo sled with its closed container. Nick eyes the container with mild surprise.]]
Nick: [Cocking an eyebrow] I'm almost afraid to ask...
Just: Um, special delivery? One crate full of inertia-locked aliens. Do NOT ask how I got them all in there.

[[They open the lid and Nick peers inside, stroking his chin in thought.]]
Nick: Inertia-locked? You mean with the inertial variance gun?
Justin: Seems like it. I don't suppose you know how to reverse that...?
Nick: I have a few ideas.

Nick: [Straightening up] It's one unexpected hurdle, but not insurmountable. As long as nothing else pops up...
[[Fooker enters the room with an unconscious Euler slung over his shoulder. Justin raises an eyebrow.]]
Fooker: Hey, boy-os. Got a teensy little problem...

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