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[[Justin, Nick, and Fooker survey the "frozen" aliens.]]
Nick: Well, at least we can confirm that my algorithm works, and that the Greys have been throttling the core to make it look like it doesn't.
Fooker: [Gesturing toward the aliens] So what do we do about... them?

Justin: Nick says he can unfreeze these guys.
Nick: Yes, I can. I learned a few things in my stint on board before you guys arrived. But restoring them isn't the problem.

[[Nick leans down and peers into the cargo container where the aliens are currently stored.]]
Nick: The Molds we can thaw out and hide easily. The Greys are another story. Once they thaw, their minds can be scanned by the Skaboola. He'll know we've released them.

Justin: I thought Dwayne was keeping him busy.
Nick: He is, but he won't be able to keep that up indefinitely.
Fooker: And Euler's just knocked out. He's a countdown to consciousness.

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