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[[A brief period of time passes, during which it appears Nick has successfully "thawed out" the Molds.]]
Fooker: [To Fred] Feeling better, little buddy?
Fred: A bit. Being in suspended animation was a bizarre experience.
Socrates: We were aware of everything going on around us.
Justin: [Thinking to himself] Uh, oh...

Persephone: [Approaching Nick] Nick, the Skaboola has been throttling your algorithm!
Nick: Thanks, Persephone, but we already know. We've been doing some detective work while you were "asleep".

Justin: [Picking up the still frozen Fibonacci] Who's this guy?
Nick: Fibonacci. I've worked with him a time or two, but in general he's been on the periphery.
Socrates: He's the one the Skaboola had tinkering with your algorithm.

Fooker: ["Unpacking" Pi from the crate] So what's next? Euler could wake up at any second. If the Skaboola senses him...
Nick: I have an idea, but it's a long shot. Bring Pi over here to my workbench.

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