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Pi: [With mild surprise while reaching up with one hand to touch the helmet on his head] One of the helmets to your MUTEX device...
Nick: A spare, just in case one of the others needs repaired.

Pi: [Suspicious] But we Greys can't use the MUTEX. Our synapses are incompatible.
Nick: You won't be USING the MUTEX. This helmet isn't plugged in.

Pi: I don't understand.
Nick: [With a sneaky smile] You said it yourself. Your synapses are incompatible with the cranial sensor grid. However, the grid SHOULD act as a telepathic "Faraday cage"...

Pi: [With a wicked grin] Which means that slovenly grotesque tub of rancid lard can't pick up on my thoughts right now...
Fred: Which is a good thing, or we'd be beamed into space any minute now.

References: Faraday cage
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