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Pi: How long can this helmet block my thoughts?
Nick: Theoretically as long as you wear it.
Fred: But if you keep insulting the Skaboola like that, he might find out another way.

Nick: It's not a long term solution, but maybe it'll work long enough for us to come up with a better one.
Pi: [Bitterly] I'll take it. Anything to get that gnarfing oaf out of my head.

Justin: [Gesturing to the unconscious Euler and the still "frozen" Planck] We're not out of the woods yet. Planck and Fibonacci are still frozen, and Euler there is just knocked out. He could wake up at any moment.

Pi: [Narrowing his eyes] How many more helmets do you have?
Nick: Just the one spare, but I can pull another out of service.
Pi: Good. Put that one on Euler, then restrain him. I might have a plan...

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