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[[The group begins to split into two smaller ones. Justin places a MUTEX helmet on Euler's head while Pi helps him. Meanwhile, Nick and Fooker gather around the Molds.]]
Justin: [To Pi] Should we thaw out Planck and Fibonacci?
Pi: Not yet. The Skaboola can't sense them while they're frozen. But I've got an idea. Leave them to me.

Persephone: [To Nick] So they Physarics are seriously in the middle of a civil war?
Nick: As far as we can tell. We don't have a lot of details. Just what the Skaboola gave us.

Socrates: That... doesn't make sense. While there was once friction between the "pure" and the "tainted", we always found a balance.
Fred: The war with the Greys fixed that.

Socrates: True, a common enemy helped, but the Syncytium wouldn't allow such division. More likely, an outside force would have to be involved.
Fooker: And we already know who that is.

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