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[[Ki, Sharon, and Trudy return to the lab.]]
Sharon: [Seeing the restored Molds] Fred! Persephone! Socrates! You're back!
Persephone: Thanks to Justin!
Fred: We've got Pi and Planck back as well... sort of.

Fooker: Where did you three disappear to?
Sharon: [Coyly] While you boys were off doing whatever, we had our own little adventure.
Trudy: [Bluntly] Ki had her first contraction.
[[Ki shoots Trudy a dirty look.]]

Nick: [In a panic] WHAT?!?
Ki: [Reassuringly] FAKE contraction. Nothing to get excited about. Perfectly normal for where I am in the trimester.

Trudy: [Folding her arms across her chest] Now, as for the blue fur, three eyes, tail, and horns...
Sharon: [To Trudy] Ix-nay on the orns-hay...
[[Nick looks concerned, while Ki gives the two women another dirty look.]]

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