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[[Ki walks forward and embraces her husband.]]
Trudy: So we've confirmed Nick's algorithm works...
Nick: And if I can run it without interference, we have a shot at getting the Earth back into place.

Ki: We'll need Pi and Planck's help to pull that off...
Fooker: And Pi is working on a way to hide them all from the Skaboola as we speak.

[[Sharon scoops up Fred, Persephone, and Socrates and gives them a big bear hug.]]
Sharon: [Grinning] And we got our squishy Mold friends back!
Justin: [Re-entering the room] Sounds like everything is wrapping up nicely.
Nick: [Thinking aloud] Still, I can't help thinking we've forgotten something...

[[The scene shifts. We switch back to Dwayne and the Great Skaboola. Dwayne sits next to the Skaboola's hover-chair, his chin in his hand, looking bored to death. Meanwhile, the Skaboola wears a wistful, pleading look as he dreamily recalls...]]
Skaboola: I've tried many medium-hard cheeses, like Gruyere and Jarlsberg, but what I REALLY want to try is a good soft cheese, like Brie or Neufchatel...

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