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[[We pull back to find Planck is seated on a workbench, still wearing the strange mesh cap, while Pi stands next to him wearing one of the MUTEX helmets.]]
Pi: [Annoyed] If you're quite done...
Planck: [Sheepishly] Sorry...
Pi: [Holding another mesh in either hand] Good. Now put this on Fibonacci's head while I swap this one onto Euler.

[[Planck examines the mesh.]]
Planck: Wait... this is an isometric holographic sensor net.
Pi: Exactly. And it has surprisingly similar properties to the cranial sensor grid inside Nick's MUTEX helmets.

Planck: [Confused] What... SORT of properties...?
Pi: [Stretching a sensor mesh over Euler's unconscious skull] The most important one is that it works as a telepathic "Faraday cage".

Planck: Faraday...? Wait... does that mean what I THINK it means...?
Pi: [With a diabolical grin] Exactly. Welcome to your new Skaboola-free life.

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