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[[Planck helps Fibonacci, while Pi secures one of the sensor nets on Euler's skull. Euler, now awake, scowls as he tries to resist.]]
Planck: Fibonacci is "thawed out"...
Pi: And Euler is finally coming around. Good. It's time for us to start making plans.

Fibonacci: [Tentatively] D-did I hear you correctly? Th-the Skaboola c-can't...? [He points to the his new sensor net "cap".]
Planck: [With an evil smile] Not a single stray thought, for as long as you wear it. Go ahead and try contacting him. It won't work.

[[Euler is seated in the floor, his arms secured behind his back.]]
Euler: I do not know what you are planning, Pi, or what the humans are up to, but the Skaboola cannot be fooled so easily. Whatever it is, it will not work.
Pi: Oh, it will. You'll see.

Planck: What ARE we going to do, Pi?
Pi: Nothing short of overthrowing the Skaboola and taking command of the ship.

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