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Planck: [Surprised] Overthrow the Skaboola?!?
Fibonacci: [Terrified] T-take over the sh-ship?!?
Euler: [Angrily] Pi, your human-tainted ego has finally gotten the better of you.

Pi: [Scowling] This has nothing to do with ego! The Skaboola is a greedy, incompetent schemer who even the Grand Protuberance despises. Getting rid of him would be a service.

Pi: We can prove he's been deliberately crippling the humans' effort to restore their planet, and he "froze" us and locked us up to prevent anyone from finding out.

Euler: Then this is a personal grudge by a drone tainted by human individuality against a superior who is only doing what is best for the empire.
Pi: [Face-palming] Oh, for Zolon's sake...

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