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Pi: [Angrily to Euler] Have we been "tainted" by our proximity to the humans? Yes! All of us have! Even you! Every drone in the "human integration project" has had exposure to their wacky ideas!

Pi: And in my opinion, that's a good thing! For tera-ganadans, we've been nothing but disposable cogs in a vast machine, with the Supreme Fu pulling the levers.

Pi: Countless generations of Greys have been enslaved by the Hierarchy, our individuality suppressed, our personalities a blank slate. It's time we changed that.

Pi: [Narrowing his eyes while placing his hands on his hips] If anything, my time among the humans, both on Earth and here aboard ship, has taught me our uniqueness should be celebrated, liberated, cultivated, and defended.
[[Behind him, Planck smiles in wistful admiration.]]

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