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Euler: Supposing you DO take over the ship and depose the Skaboola. Who, then, should be in charge? I suppose you think it should be YOU.
Pi: [Dumbfounded] Uh...

Planck: [Enthusiastically] Yes! It SHOULD be Pi! He's smart, he's tough, and he doesn't take gnarf from anyone! I would follow Pi to the depths of the Mutara Nebula and back if he asked.

Pi: I-I don't think...
Fibonacci: [Nervously] I-I agree with P-Planck. Pi w-would be a GREAT leader. Planck would be OK too, i guess. M-mostly, I just don't want it to be m-me...

Euler: Oh, look. The mutineers have picked their scapegoat. But you still have no idea how to take over the ship before the Skaboola finds out and has your biomass recycled.

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