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Pi: [To Euler] We'll figure out how to gain control soon enough. I just haven't worked out the details yet. We also have to figure out how to free ALL of the drones.
Planck: [Musing] "Mutineers"...

Planck: [Enthusiastically] Ooh! Would that make us pirates? Like in the human movies? Then we can wear cool hats! They could cover up these silly nets! [He points to his sensor grid "cap".] You should wear an admiral's hat, since you're the boss!
[[Pi facepalms.]]

Pi: [Angrily at Planck] The LAST thing we need to worry about are hats! Our focus needs to be on removing the Skaboola from control without any drones or humans getting hurt!
[[We hear the <<TSHT>> sound of the door opening. Euler looks over his shoulder toward the door, while Fibonacci cringes.]]

[[Our view shifts. Standing in the doorway is Bohr, who looks around suspiciously, noticing the odd headgear on the other drones' heads and Euler tied up, sitting in the floor.]]
Bohr: What is going on here...?

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