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[[Pi's "mutiny" looks like it is about to be short-lived as Bohr, head of the ship's security, stands in the doorway. Each of the science drones bears a different expression. Pi is shocked, Fibonacci is terrified, while Planck appears defiant. Euler, still tied up and sitting in the floor, twists around and shouts over his shoulder.]]
Euler: Bohr! Pi is planning an insurrection! He is blocking our telepathic link to the Skaboola and is planning to overthrow him and take control of the ship!

[[Bohr glares in silence at Pi, who cringes. Euler smiles smugly.]]

[[Without saying a word, Bohr steps back and looks up and down the corridor outside the room. It is dark, and no humans or Greys are anywhere to be seen.]]

[[Bohr steps back into the room and narrows his eyes.]]
Bohr: I want in.

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