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Pi: [Dumbfounded] You... you... WHAT?!?
Bohr: The Skaboola has proven repeatedly that he is unfit for command. It is past time that he be formally replaced.

Fibonacci: [Cringing] Gah! D-don't say that out loud! Unprotected! H-he'll "hear" you!
Bohr: The Skaboola is forbidden to telepathically scan me. We are not even "on the same wavelength".

Bohr: The security corps operates independently and serves as a counterbalance to Skaboolas who "go rogue". I have the authority to remove him from command if warranted.

Bohr: Skaboola Tau Sigma's actions since this ship first came to Earth have been questionable, as have been the Grand Protuberance's. It is time they were... removed.
[[Pi and Planck share a look of disbelief.]]

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