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Planck: [Uneasy] "Remove"... the Grand Protuberance...?
Bohr: One step at a time. We must first secure this ship from Tau Sigma's control. Protuberance Omicron will be replaced in due time.

Planck: [Turning to Pi, whispering] Can... can we trust him?
Pi: [Whispering] Who knows? Probably not in the long term, but having the security corps on our side would make this a LOT easier.

Pi: [In a normal voice] OK, Bohr. You're in. Can we count on the security corps to back us up?
Bohr: Unlikely. Unfortunately, many are more loyal to Tau Sigma than is warranted.

Bohr: However, I DID train all of them. I know all of their strengths and weaknesses. Once Tau Sigma is no longer a factor, I will make sure they fall into line.

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