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Euler: [Angrily] I can't believe this! You are ALL corrupted! Even Bohr! You're tainted by the humans and their alien ideals! You're just going to get all our biomass recycled!

[[Bohr draws his firearm and levels it directly in Euler's face.]]
Bohr: YOU are going to spend several mega-ganadans in suspended animation if you utter another word, Drone #27182818.
Euler: [Cringing] Shutting up now...

Pi: [To Planck] We need to gather as much support as we can muster. Who can we count on?
Planck: Well, Muon and Faraday, definitely. Avogadro might be iffy. Coulomb would be a good catch...

Bohr: Numbers are certainly welcome, but do you have enough of those sensor nets to telepathically mask all of your mutineers?
Pi: [Examining one of the nets] Probably not...

References: Euler's number (and original nickname); Muon ("Negaverse" version); Faraday (also from the "Negaverse"); Avogadro; Coulomb
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