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Pi: [To the group] OK, then. Here's the plan. Bohr will find us a window to make our move, as well as get the rest of the security corps either on our side or out of the way.

Pi: {To Planck and Fibonacci] Meanwhile, we three will drum up additional support. Only enlist drones that you trust. Those in the "human integration project" are the best candidates not to rat us out.
[[Planck seems determined, while Fibonacci is concerned.]]

Pi: [Holding up one of the holographic sensor nets] Split the remaining nets among us, but save at least a couple for the big man himself, in case we need backups. We'll meet in Cargo Bay #6 in two mega-ganadans.

[[Bohr and Pi leave the room. Planck wears a wistful smile and seems almost on the verge of tears. Fibonacci gives him a worried look.]]
Fibonacci: P-Planck? Are you... crying...?
Planck: [Joyfully] I would be, if I had tear ducts!

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