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[[Trish, Dexter, and Patty appear to be having a discussion in the background inside a room with an open door.]]
Patty: If what Sharon said is true, Nick's calculations are gold, so the next step will be to...
[[At this point, Planck begins crawling past the doorway on his hands and knees, still wearing the sensor net "cap".]]

[[Planck's odd behavior catches the attention of the three humans.]]
Trish: P-Planck...?
Planck: Shh! I'm on a secret mission! You didn't see me!

[[Planck continues to crawl past the doorway until he goes out of sight. The humans watch him leave with various expressions of confusion and amusement.]]

Dexter: Was he wearing a... shower cap?
Patty: I gave up trying to figure him out after the noddle cube incident.

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