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[[A narration box reads: "Shortly, in Cargo Bay #6..." The fledgling insurrection begins to take shape as the mutinous drones gather in a dark corner of the cargo bay. Pi stands next to the back bulkhead as several clusters of science drones approach from various directions. Bohr approaches from another corner, shouldering his heavy blaster rifle.]]
Planck: [Enthusiastically] Pi! You'll never believe how much support we have!

Pi: [Surveying the mutineers with a mix of awe and dread] Avogadro, Coulomb, Faraday, Muon... I-I can't believe you all agreed to this...
Drone #1: Planck was very convincing...
Drone #2: Wait... we actually had a choice...?

Bohr: [Handing a data tablet to Pi] Here is the Skaboola's inspection itinerary. I have identified three candidate times and locations. They are ranked from most to least likely to succeed.

[[Pi surveys the tablet as Planck peers over his shoulder.]]
Bohr: The earliest is the most remote from the bridge. It is the most likely scenario for us to apprehend him while unguarded.
Planck: That doesn't leave us much time to prepare...
[[Pi looks grimly at the tablet.]]

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