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[[Pi reviews the Skaboola's itinerary on the data tablet as Planck and Avogadro look on.]]
Pi: We'll do the best we can with what we have. OK, here's the plan...
[[A voice off-panel interrupts.]]
Voice: May I offer an alternative...?

[[The science drones look up to find themselves surrounded by security drones. The soldiers appear from on top of and between the cargo containers, each armed with a heavy blaster.]]

[[As the security corps begins to close in, the fledgling mutiny looks like it is about to fall apart. As the other science drones cower in fear, Pi becomes crestfallen. Planck places a reassuring hand on his shoulder.]]

[[The mysterious voice presents itself as the Great Skaboola himself hovers into view. Behind him, he is flanked by Boltzmann and another warrior drone, while in front of him is Euler, sans his sensor net cap and now sporting a smug smirk.]]
Skaboola: [Steepling his fingers with a sly smile] Ends this foolish insurrection and surrender, and perhaps you will survive long enough to be revised, rather than recycled...

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