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Planck: [Angrily] Euler! You ratted us out!
Great Skaboola: Enough, #6626068! Drone #27182818 has performed a great service to all Greys with his loyalty this solar cycle.

Skaboola: It is readily apparent that the Supreme Fu erred in allowing your revision to be reversed. The stench of human individuality has corrupted you and #3141592 to the very core.
[[Planck remains defiant, but Pi is clearly overwhelmed with disappointment.]]

Skaboola: We have tolerated this "experiment" long enough. A cancer must be removed, lest it infest and corrupt the whole organism. No trace must be left alive.

[[Boltzmann trains his weapon on Euler, who is shocked at the unexpected betrayal.]]
Euler: W-wait... I-I was loyal! M-my "great service"!
Skaboola: [Smirking evilly] As I said, "no trace".

References: Planck's revision and reversal
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