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[[As Euler backs up at gunpoint until he reluctantly joins the mutineers, the Great Skaboola turns his attention to Bohr.]]
Skaboola: And I am most disappointed in you, #529177210. I expected disloyalty from these deviants, but not from the security corps.
Bohr: You will address me as Bohr, Tau Sigma.

Bohr: Under the authority vested in me by Article 492, Subsection 126, Paragraph Zeta Mu, I deem you unfit and hereby relieve you of command.
Skaboola: [With a smirk] Oh really. On what grounds?

Bohr: [Leveling his blaster rifle at the Skaboola] You claim these drones are "tainted" by exposure to humans. Yet you yourself show signs of similar corruption: avarice, particularly for Terran curdled bovine secretions.

Skaboola: [Livid] I object to such baseless accusations! Besides, some of the best cheeses are from goats and sheep! [To the guards] Eliminate this traitor along with the others!
[[Boltzmann and one of the other security drones exchange an uncertain glance.]]

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