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[[Boltzmann and one of the other warrior drones carry on a brief telepathic conversation behind the Great Skaboola's back.]]
Drone: [Telepathically] What do we do, #1380649? The Skaboola ordered us to fire, but Bohr relieved him of command...
Boltzmann: [Telepathically] #529177210 is out of line. We take orders only from the Skaboola.

Boltzmann: [Aloud, directed toward Bohr] This standoff is pointless. Lower your weapon, Bohr.
Bohr: [Keeping is blaster rifle leveled on the Skaboola] Not until you lower yours first, Boltzmann. These drones are in the right. The Skaboola must be removed.

Skaboola: [Livid] Enough of this! Revision is now pointless! Eliminate these irritants!
[[Planck and Pi turn toward each other nervously.]]
Planck: [Whispering] What do we do, Pi?
Pi: [Whispering] I... I don't know...

Bohr: [Whispering to Pi and Planck] Grab onto the bulkhead behind you. Whatever you do, do not let go.
[[Pi and Planck seem confused by the order.]]

References: I guess I could be forgiving and understanding if most of you have forgotten in the nearly 15 years since this was last seen, but the funky "word balloons" in panel one indicate Boltzmann and the other warrior drone are communicating telepathically...
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