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[[Bohr shifts his aim and fires his blaster rifle, intentionally but barely missing the Great Skaboola. The blast screams past the Skaboola and Boltzmann as Pi and Planck watch in surprise.]]

[[The bolt flies in a straight but narrow shot between the gathered warrior drones until it impacts with the large pressure door on the far size of the cargo bay. The impact results in a moderate-sized fireball.]]

[[The cargo bay pressure door buckles and gives way, tearing a gaping hole to the vacuum of space outside. The cargo bay immediately depressurizes. Pi, Planck, and Bohr grab onto the bulkhead as their feet fly out from under them. Boltzmann loses his footing, while the Skaboola's hover chair strains to keep him upright. Warrior drones and cargo containers begin to tumble helplessly out the hole and into the inky void beyond.]]

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