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[[With the hull breach temporary plugged by the cargo container, the air pressure in the cargo bay briefly stabilizes. The mutinous drones regroup, getting back to their feet. Pi immediately begins barking orders.]]
Pi: Coulomb! Activate the emergency force field!
Coulomb: On it!
[[Meanwhile, Planck checks on Euler, who seems baffled and confused by Planck's rescue.]]

[[On the other side of the bay, the Great Skaboola remains flat on his back, flailing helplessly like an overturned turtle. Boltzmann rises to his feet, positioning himself between his leader and the mutineers.]]
Boltzmann: Your bulbousness! Get to your feet! Get behind me!
Skaboola: I-I can't! Do you have any idea when I last used these legs?

[[Bohr comes seemingly out of nowhere, socking Boltzmann squarely across the jaw with a punishing left hook. The Skaboola remains prone and helpless.]]
Bohr: [Shouting] NOW! NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!

[[As the two warriors duke it out, the Skaboola looks across the bay, where the mutineers all turn toward him in unison. They all wear the same look of determination. Euler remains prone on the floor in front of them.]]
Pi: [Pointing toward the Skaboola] SWARM HIM!

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