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[[The science drones continue to swarm the Great Skaboola, piling on top of him and pinning him to the floor. The Skaboola writhes to free himself, but his own mass works against him.]]
Skaboola: [Angrily] Unhand me, you mutinous miscreants!
Planck: [Clutching to one of the Skaboola's arms] Arms! Secure his arms!

Skaboola: I will have you all disconnected! Dismembered! Disintegrated!
Pi: [Climbing on top of the Skaboola's chest] Well, we've been disgusted and disillusioned with you for long enough!

Skaboola: [Scowling] #3141592! So YOU are the ringleader! What do you think a feeble, insignificant drone like you can do to remove ME from power!

[[Pi slaps one of the holographic sensor nets on top of the surprised Skaboola's skull.]]
Pi: [With a wicked grin] THIS!

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