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[[As the mutinous drones continue to hold down the Great Skaboola, who now sports an unflattering sensor net "cap", Pi stands on the Skaboola's mound of a stomach and gloats.]]
Pi: Ha! Now you're cut off from the entire telepathic network! You can't even contact the Grand Protuberance for help!

[[Without warning, a powerful laser blast zaps Pi from off-panel, catching him off-guard. Planck looks up just in time to see Pi's expression go slack.]]

[[Pi crumples and tumbles to the floor like a rag doll, his back smoldering with an obvious char mark. Far in the background, Boltzmann holds his blaster rifle in a ready position.]]
Planck: [Panicked] PI!!!

[[Boltzmann is battered and bruised, with cuts on his exposed skin and his armor ripped and dented. His blaster rifle is trained on the mutineers.]]
Boltzmann: Unhand the Skaboola and remove the sensor net, or share the traitor's fate.
[[As the other mutineers stare terrified at Pi's motionless body, the Skaboola smirks.]]

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