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[[As Bohr stands over Boltzmann's lifeless body, the scientist drones struggle to keep the Great Skaboola contained.]]
Drone 1: Bohr! Help us secure the Skaboola!
Drone 2: He's too strong for us!

[[Bohr steps over and uses his strength to hold down the Skaboola, whose trashing continues unabated.]]
Skaboola: This insolence will not go unpunished!
Drone 1: Can we PLEASE find a way to gag him?
Planck: Avogadro! Help me with Pi!

[[Planck and Avogadro leave the group to step over to Pi, who remains unconscious and motionless.]]
Planck: [Worried] I-is he...?
Avogadro: [Examining Pi] He is still functional, but not for long. I did not think to bring any medical equipment.

Avogadro: There is little I can do here. If we can get him to the infirmary, perhaps, but if we move him...
Planck: [Barking orders to the others] Bring me a cargo sled ASAP!

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