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[[A narration box reads: "The news spreads rapidly throughout the ship. Instantaneously, every drone becomes independent." We see a number of scientist drones standing around, possibly on the bridge or somewhere else with a number of control panels. All of the drones seem to be confused. Some share uncertain glances. One rubs his head. In the background, one drone falls to the floor after losing his balance on a "hover disk".]]

[[The narration continues: "Some take the change better than others. The drones with more exposure to their human charges adapt more quickly, while others do not." We see more drones working through their confusion, but there is an obvious difference. Drones with letters on their chests, denoting them as part of the "human integration project", are helping other drones without letters.]]

[[The narration adds: "Throughout the ship, confused humans help the even more confused drones. For the first time, their roles are reversed; the drones are rudderless without human help." We see Ki, Fooker, Sharon, Dexter, and Sharon help confused drones.]]

[[The narration concludes: "Perhaps more so in the infirmary, where a life hangs by an uncertain thread..." In the infirmary, we see Doctor Melanie Granger and Avogadro tending to the still wounded Pi. Granger waves a hand to dismiss Planck, who stands helpless nearby as his best friend hovers near death.]]

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