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Planck: [Balking] M-ME?!? Pi's second in command?
Muon: Well, SOMEONE has to be.
Coulomb: And you and Pi have been together for giga-ganadans. Wasn't this whole mutiny you two's idea?

Planck: [Calming down] Technically, it was Pi's.
Coulomb: But he started it all because of how the Skaboola and the Hierarchy treated you.
Muon: And Fibonacci vouched for you, so that works for us.

Muon: We're drones. We're used to taking orders, not giving them. SOMEONE has to be the leader.
Coulomb: Even the humans look up to Nick and his companions.

Muon: [Flatly] We have to accept the fact that Pi might not survive. If this mutiny is going to continue, we need to establish a chain of command.
[[A look of grim determination crosses Planck's face.]]

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