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Planck: [Grimly] You're right. We can't just sit on our gluteal clefts and twiddle our metacarpal digits. It's time to act, and I know just what Pi would do.

Planck: [Turning to the others] Muon, I'm appointing you third in command. Coulomb, you're fourth. We need Avogadro in the infirmary with Pi, and Fibonacci isn't cut out for command just yet.

Planck: Muon, find Faraday and take the port side of the ship. Coulomb, you and Fibonacci take starboard. Go deck by deck and get the drones organized. Deputize some if you need to.

Planck: I'll come up with what we'll tell the humans.
Muon: [Uncertainly] And what about Euler?
Planck: [Narrowing his eyes] Leave him to me.

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