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[[Planck, still wearing his sensor net "cap", makes his way through the ship until he reaches a certain corridor. Seated on a bench nearby is Euler, hunched forward slightly with his hands clasped between his knees. Both Greys appear to be deep in unpleasant thought as Planck approaches.]]

Euler: So... now that your insurrection is a success, what happens to me? Am I to be shot like Boltzmann? Shoved out an airlock like the warriors? Frozen like the Skaboola?

Planck: Boltzmann's death is on Bohr. Neither Pi nor I wanted any casualties. And the warriors are safe in their pressure suits and will be hauled in once they agree to surrender.

Planck: As for you, Euler, you're too valuable to stuff in a cargo container to be forgotten. We'll put you to work... IF you agree to do your part.
[[Euler doesn't look very thrilled at where the conversation is leading.]]

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