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Euler: [Angrily] But I turned against you, Planck! I told Boltzmann and the Skaboola all about your plan! I almost got you revised or even KILLED! And you're just going to trust me?

Planck: [Carefully] TRUST you? No. As the humans would say, you have to EARN our trust. But we NEED you, Euler, just like we need every drone on this ship working together.

Planck: [Sitting down next to Euler] That's why I saved you in the cargo bay. Pi and I, we didn't want anyone to get hurt. We just wanted to help Nick and his friends and to stop the Skaboola from blocking them.

Planck: [Concerned] Now that he's on ice, we'll be cut off from the Hierarchy. We'll be truly alone for the first time in our existence. We'll need all the drones working together, INCLUDING you.
[[Euler's expression softens.]]

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