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Euler: I still think this whole plan is asinine. There's no way the Grand Protuberance or the Supreme Fu will allow this.
Planck: [Defiantly] Oh, I doubt they will. But they'll have to CATCH us first.

Planck: [More serious] We've got a short window until they do, so we have to do everything we can to help the humans get the Earth back before then.
Euler: [Resigned] So what do you want ME to do?

Planck: [Handing Euler a tablet] For now, I want you to take this tablet and replicate the items from the patterns I put on it. I pulled this data from one of the humans' Internet data cubes.

Euler: [Confused] You want me to replicate... "pirate hats"?
Planck: [Excitedly] If we're mutineers, we might as well look the part! Pay extra attention to the one's I picked for Pi and me!

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