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[[A narration box reads: "As the 'mutineers' become 'organizers', an orderly transition unfolds. Most drones, used to simply following orders, fall into line and order is restored." We see multiple Grey science drones working collaborative in pairs or trios, comparing notes and returning to their normal duties.]]

[[The narration continues: "With prompting from Bohr, the warrior drones surrender and are allowed to return to the ship. They swear allegiance to Bohr, not the new democratic leadership, but it's a start." Bohr stands watch, his arms folded across his chest, as the warrior drones, still in their pressure helmets, file through the airlock.]]

[[The narration adds: "Planck informs the humans of all that has transpired, and that, until the Earth is returned, the ship and its crew serve only to further that goal. Amused and bewildered, the humans accept." Planck, still wearing his sensor net "cap", stands with another drone in front a curved conference table where several familiar faces sit listening with various expressions of surprise and amusement: Nick, Ki, Fooker, Trudy, and Sharon.]]

[[The final narration concludes: "All that remains is the fate of the ship's new captain, and whether or not he will survive long enough to assume command..." In the darkened infirmary, Doctor Melanie Granger and Avogadro wear grave expressions as they compare notes in the background. In the foreground, under a strong light, lies an unconscious Pi, clinging to life...]]

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