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[[In the infirmary, Pi finally regains consciousness. He sits up on the examination table, rubbing his head.]]
Pi: Ow... Wha... what happened?
Avogadro: [Flatly] Congratulations, Pi. You managed not to perish after all.
[[Behind them, Planck is startled and anxious upon hearing Pi's voice.]]

[[Planck flies to the exam table in excitement.]]
Planck: [Shouting joyfully] PI! YOU'RE ALIVE!
Pi: Apparently, but I'm starting to wish I wasn't. What happened?
Avogadro: Your plan worked. We have command of the ship.

Pi: I-it worked? Then the Skaboola...?
Planck: [Shoving Avogadro out of the way] Is inertia-locked in the cargo bay with his new, permanent, telepathy-blocking headgear!

[[Planck somehow produces a large tricorn hat with a feathery plume attached. He raises it over Pi's head.]]
Planck: [Solemnly] And so I christen thee Pi, Supreme Fleet Admiral of the H.M.S. Bounty!
Pi: [Bewildered] "H.M.S."?
Avogadro: [Drolly] According to Fooker, it means "hopelessly maligned ship".

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