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[[An indeterminate amount of time passes. Nick, Pi, and Planck are now alone in a conference room. Nick sits at a desk, while Pi and Planck stand nearby. Pi is wearing the tricorn hat Planck bestowed upon him in the previous strip, while Planck is now wearing a black vest over his bare chest and a durag or bandana tied around his skull like a cap.]]
Pi: And that's the full, gory details. You have our solemn oath that from this point forward, this ship and its crew will be fully devoted to helping you get the Earth back.

Nick: We certainly appreciate it, Pi. You too, Planck. But I'm worried about the repercussions you'll face once the Grand Protuberance finds out.
Pi: That's our problem, not yours.

Nick: Well, I can't speak for the humans NOT on this ship, but once the Earth is restored, maybe we can help you find somewhere to settle down...
Planck: [Excitedly] There's no need for that.

Planck: We'll become space pirates! Savagely plundering our way across the galaxy!
Pi: [Annoyed] More like savagely classifying and cataloging alien life forms.
Planck: Arrr! Savage science!

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