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Ki: [Sympathetically placing her hand on Chris' shoulder] That's silly. You're a valuable member of the team. You've made important contributions to the search effort. You should be proud of all you've accomplished.

Chris: [With a weak smile] Heh... thanks, but that's not quite what I meant. I know I've helped out here. I'm talking about something a little more down to earth... so to speak.

Ki: [Curious] I'm not sure I follow.
Chris: Well, you know that old expression about being "the third wheel"? You'd think a FOURTH wheel might make things more... stable.

Chris: [With a concerned look, turning to gaze over the table to the other side of the room] But I'm not sure this "tricycle" is working anymore...
[[Ki and the "camera" follow Chris' gaze. Approaching from the opposite side, we see Patty and Trish, with Dexter following close behind. All three are carrying food trays. Patty and Trish glance at each other with a touch of annoyance, while Dexter seems annoyed in general. Ki cocks a surprised eyebrow at the sight.]]

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