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[[Patty and Trish are apparently in the middle of a low-key argument. Both are clearly annoyed with the other and barely remaining civil.]]
Patty: Look, all I'm saying is that tomorrow evening isn't going to work for me. Fooker asked me to go over that roster with him.
Trish: I-I kn-know, but I R-REALLY n-need to t-talk to D-Dex TONIGHT.

Patty: [Suspicious] What's so important that it HAS to be tonight?
Trish: Th-that's b-between me and D-Dex. I-if y-you'll just give us t-tonight, t-trust me, I'll m-make it w-worth your wh-while.

Patty: Oh, really. Will it be worth the inevitable ribbing I'll get from Fooker if I don't show?
Trish: D-definitely. F-Fooker w-will understand if you g-give me a ch-chance to explain.

[[The "camera" pans up. Above and behind the two women, Dexter is also annoyed, but it's less clear who he's annoyed with. He unleashes a heavy sigh.]]

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